Successive Czech governments have welcomed.S.With airing of new films, competitions and awards, it has grown in importance, attracting thousands of young people, and for its fortieth anniversary jubilee, such notables as Madeleine Albright, Alan Alda, Lauren Bacall and Robert Redford.

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496,530) 25-54 years:.84 (male 2,403,333/female 2,276,261) 55-64 years:.44 (male 646,106/female 681,541) 65 years and. Nine public universities and thirty six private universities are located in the city, including: 87

Poland occupied areas with a Polish minority around Český těšín, while Slovakia gained greater autonomy, with the state renamed "Czecho-Slovakia." Eventually Slovakia broke away further in March 1939, allied to Hitlers coalition.Jan Hladík, Václav Kopecký.

Away from the towns, areas as Český Ráj, Šumava, and the Krkonoše mountains attract visitors seeking outdoor pursuits.After the fall of the Holy Roman Empire in the wake of Napoleon 's 1805 victory at the Battle of Austerlitz, Bohemia became part of the Austrian Empire and later of Austria-Hungary.The principal industries are motor vehicles, machine-building, iron and steel production, metalworking, chemicals, electronics, transportation equipment, textiles, glass, brewing, china, ceramics, and pharmaceuticals.