The shooting needed a total of six days to be completed and were finished in March, 2009.MGS Philanthropy Part 2 (Short Film).

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MGS Philanthropy Part 1, AKA The Overnight Nation, was finally released on the Internet on September 27th, 2009.Remove the Java EE and corba Modules.The search for a new location has been long and has put the whole team to a really hard test, but in the end we could find a very good solution that gave Hive Division the permission to use an old abandoned factory, perfect for.

We always kept in touch and always talked about eventually completing Philanthropy, but grim reality was in the way: we had to make a living (we still do!) and starting another two-years non-budget adventure didnt seem like the best strategy to.Daniel, Alessandro or, glenn.We were in the shooting phase until the first months of 2008, when we faced a sudden stop due to an unforeseen event: the location where we had planned our last set of shootings has been demolished in advance.